How To Find The Right Supplier For Rubber Plugs

By | January 19, 2015

FAR8780__81829_zoomErgonomic plugs. Liquid tight plugs. Mounting hole plugs. There are specific plugs designed and made for every kind of application. It can be a lot of work and takes a lot of patience to choose the right component. From the dimension to the material to the flammability and temperature rating, there are plenty of factors to consider when you need plugs.

But aside from thinking about whether to go with rubber plugs that resist high temperature or to choose thick panel glossy plugs, you will need to consider one other critical aspect: the supplier.

As you know, the reliability of any supplier will determine the success of your purchase. Even for small parts, like plugs, you still need to be sure that you have made the right choice where your supplier is concerned.

Let’s examine briefly what it would be like if you were to choose the wrong one.

For starters, unreliable suppliers are likely to be delayed with their deliveries. Some of the worst ones even get your products mixed up with another client. This kind of confusion is not just stressful but it could also cost your operations to slow down. If the particular plugs you need delivered require immediate installation and the supplier delivered the wrong ones, the result is downtime for your production.

One other scenario that is bound to happen with an ill-chosen supplier is the quality of customer service. You may, in the beginning, get the kind of attention every customer will need. But a supplier that does not have the right system set up for addressing inquiries, complaints, and the like, might falter in delivering good customer service in the long run. The worst ones let you know instantly that they are not too concerned about your concerns.

So how can you tell the good from the bad, apart from recognizing red flags when screening a supplier?

You consider its reputation and the years it has been in business. The best suppliers for electrical components and wire protection products will be recognized by various industrial businesses for its high quality products and efficient service. It will also have been in business for quite some time, indicating its expertise in the very products you require.

Aside from reputation and longevity, it is worth choosing a supplier that can offer you as much guidance as possible when choosing your plugs—or any other component. From dimension to ratings, it helps to get an expert’s input on the appropriate product because this will help you get more out of your purchase.

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