What You Can Get From Heyco Strain Relief

By | January 20, 2015

SRradi_4kWhen you are looking to get tools and components for your equipment, you naturally want to get the best quality — especially for small parts, like a strain relief. Small parts, in particular, tend to carry significant roles in the longevity and performance of your equipment. So good quality parts, however small, matter a lot. And it all boils down to your choice of supplier.


How will Heyco strain relief fare as your choice?


Let’s take a look at the brand, first. Heyco has been a family owned business since 1929, so it has solid roots. It designs and manufactures molded wire protection products as well as stamped electrical components. Heyco not only uses the technologically advanced equipment but also employs the industry’s top professionals and is deeply committed to providing what customers need for specific applications.


Right off the bat, you know you will be getting high quality products from Heyco, and in this case, good quality strain relief. You will not have to worry about buying a heavy volume of products and then be faced with the prospect of having to return or get new ones because some are defective or just not the exact kind of strain relief you need.


In addition to getting good quality products, Heyco also provides numerous resources to help you make the right decision on which strain relief to buy. The established company offers step-by-step guidance on choosing the right product through a data sheet.


You will go through a list of questions that will help you zero in on the right diameter and dimensions; you will also learn which strain relief works with different panel thicknesses, and you will know which product will be appropriate for your specific requirement on assembly method and functionality.


All in all, you will come up with an informed choice on whether you need nylon strain relief for round cables or snap-in cordgrip strain relief — or even specialty strain relief, like for liquid tight protection.


Heyco also provides a wide range of accessories so you will not have to go to other sources to complete your components. From back up washers to strain relief mounting plugs, you can get everything you will need in one place.


Should you still be unable to decide which strain relief to get, after reading the online guides and brochures on assembly, you can request for more brochures on the product or even get a sample.



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