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Getting To Know the Cable Clip and Its Functions

Cables are indispensable in this highly technological day and age. In the average household, you will find cables running between televisions sets, DVD players, desktop computers, speakers, and video projectors. And with the proliferation of mobile devices like tablet PCs, smartphones and laptops, charger cables are also essential in ensuring that suitable battery levels are […]

When To Use A Liquid Tight Conduit

Conduits are used in order to make the installation of electrical cables easier. But in order to reap the added advantage of protection for wires and cables, it is imperative to know which conduit to use for a specific application. In some cases, the manufacturer issues recommendations for installation. For any of the following applications/situations […]

How To Install Plastic Rivets

Conventional rivets are typically used to secure wooden or metal materials together, although they are also used in a variety of applications ranging from clothes and bags to plastics and even sculpture and other types of artworks. Metal rivets look like two-headed nails. Rivets are often used as an alternative to welding, especially when fastening […]

Top 5 Reasons Why It’s Smart To Use A Wire Protector For Your Cables

Electrical and phone cables can be a challenge to organize, especially if you didn’t have any foresight in designing your home and creating those special hiding places or compartments under your floors, in your ceilings and walls so that messy wiring or cables could be kept concealed. More often than not, these cables become a […]