Braided Sleeving : Providing Unrivaled Protection For Wires

By | February 22, 2015

Wires and cables are utilized in countless industrial applications to transmit signals and carry all kinds of power currents. From the cables in your home entertainment system to the wires used in electrical insulation, metal and shielding works, advanced engineering projects, high temperature settings, and various general purposes, these highly versatile and much-needed implements help make the world what it is today: high-tech and fully functional.

Because they play such important roles in any application they are incorporated in, wires and cables need to be carefully managed and protected to avoid breakage or damage. And this is where high quality braided sleeving comes in.


What is braided sleeving?

Braided sleeving is a type of filament that is used to fit over wires and cables in a wide variety of contours and shapes. It can be made of polyester mono filament yarns or flame retardant polyester yarn. Here are some of its key characteristics:


It comes with open-weave construction. Sleeving can wrap around and protect all kinds of cables, so there would be no need to fill inventory with more than one kind of material for this purpose. Because it is open-weave instead of solid, you can easily inspect the wires protected underneath, or take out individual wires.

It is highly flexible. Even as it provides a snug covering for wires, the encased cables can still readily bend and flex as needed without incurring damage.

It has high tensile strength. Braided sleeving is designed to be damage-resistant. This means that: the enclosed wires are kept safe from sharp or rough edges and corners; they will not suffer abrasion or scuffing; they are cushioned from high impacts or vibration; heat effectively dissipates; moisture is readily drained; and the sleeving will not disintegrate in most fluid environments.

It allows for effective organization. Using braided sleeving ensures that wires and cables are gathered together so that they are not bundled haphazardly or all tangled up, so spaces are kept free of obstructions and hazards.


Braided sleeving is easy to install over virtually any length or shape of wires, cable assemblies, cords, tubings, hoses, and harnesses. It is highly stretchable — and such flexibility and easy accessibility are essential in various applications. It is lightweight and has reduced volume. Because it can be used to protect a number of materials, it provides an economical solution for companies. And it offers great visual appeal for any type of space. The material is, quite simply, an especially important component for any home or industrial set-up.

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