Choose The Right Rubber Grommets Supplier In 4 Easy Steps

By | February 24, 2015

From electrical wires to surgical devices, you can find grommets in most items. These seemingly minor things can also be found in shower curtains, shoes (for your shoelaces) and other everyday stuff. So grommets, however common they may seem, serve a wide range of applications.

They reinforce and protect holes, and for items with rough edges, grommets (rubber ones in particular) protect the hole from damages as well as safeguard what passes through the hole. When your requirement for grommets is for such applications, then you need to find a supplier for rubber grommets. Here are four easy steps to choosing the right supplier.

1.Look at the inventory.

What can the supplier offer you? Will the supplier have a limited number of grommets or will you have a vast selection on sizes and features?

A rubber grommet can come in a variety of dimensions to suit your specific application. Naturally, be clear on the sizes you will need before you actually look over the supplier’s inventory. From overall thickness to panel thickness, from outside diameter to panel hole diameter, know the specifications for your grommets.

Aside from specification, the supplier’s inventory should offer variety in features. For example, some grommets are designed for military specification, which means it can stand up to harsh conditions.

2.Know about the supplier’s background.

Be aware of your supplier’s background because this will help you gauge its legitimacy as a business. You do not want to simply choose based on the lowest price alone, only to discover that your supplier is delinquent with deliveries. Check for appropriate licenses, relevant certifications, and longevity in the business. Look up customer feedback. And just find out what you can about the supplier.

3.What can the supplier offer you—aside from grommets?

Whether you’re running a small-scale company or start-up, you need to know you are picking the right suppliers for the business. When you get it right from the very start, you could end up benefiting more from the business relationship. As you know, most suppliers tend to give preferential treatment to loyal clients, giving them significant discounts.

So as you’re scrutinizing each supplier, be clear on what each one can offer you. Some suppliers have multiple capabilities, including design and manufacture of materials, like grommets, to suit your very needs, and some also offer inspection for product qualification.

4.Think about the cost.

Lastly, can your potential supplier give you value for money, and what payment options and packages are available? Think about these considerations and you will be able to choose the right supplier for all your grommet — rubber and other materials — needs.

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