Various Household Uses for Rubber Plugs

By | February 20, 2015

233976Most products intended for household use are proving their versatility – or perhaps people nowadays are just more creative with them. Since small items come in packs, it’s only smart that people find other uses for them instead of just storing them away until they are completely forgotten. Some of the small ticket items that can have a variety of uses are rubber plugs – yes, the material typically used to cover sink or bathtub drains and other holes.

Rubber plugs can easily maintain their original function, but if you really want to get full use out of the spare ones left over from a pack, there are other places in your house where they will be purposeful as well, even if they have a special design. For example, if you have doors that always bang loudly against the walls when opened, gluing rubber plugs to contact points will prevent the creation of that alarming sound; the rubber plugs will easily absorb and cushion the impact. In addition to this, strategically attaching rubber plugs to the door can also help preserve the walls’ and doors’ appearance – no more dents and cracks!

You may also increase household safety with these products especially if you have toddlers running around all the time and bumping into things. If you don’t feel like purchasing corner protectors for tables and other pieces of furniture with pointy edges, the spare rubber plugs you have can definitely do the job; you can glue them to the edges if they do not fit around the corners easily.

Likewise, if you wish to prevent certain household furnishings from sliding and moving around, rubber plugs can also serve as stoppers. Place them at the bottoms of tables, chairs, cabinets and other items that you don’t want moving around and falling over.

Another function for rubber plugs is using them as replacement covers for containers with narrow mouths or openings, which had caps or corks as original covers. Just make sure to sanitize them first and these tiny stoppers will surely work.

Some people paint them to use as artistic décor.There have been YouTube DIY enthusiasts who have used these plugs to create space-saving necklace holders; instead of metal hooks, they have opted for these much safer and easier-to-attach items as holders. There are still so many other things that you can do with these rubber plugs – you truly are only limited by your imagination.


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