Organizing Cables And Wires With The Use of Cable Holders And Other Regular Items

By | September 17, 2014

RubberInsulatedCableClampsNobody likes seeing bunches of cables and wires lying around the floor. Whether you regularly see them in your home, in your room or in your office, they can really be nuisances. These unorganized pieces of cable and wire are not only unsightly,but they can also be possible causes of accidents and injuries.

You have several viable options to choose from when you finally want to organize all the cables and wires you see in your home or office. The first option would be to use binder clips, which you probably already have in your office or home,as quick and easy cable organizers.You simply attach the binder clip to the edge of a table or desk and slide the cord through one or both of the metal handles. This is a very handy cable or cord organizer, especially if you don’t want them falling off regularly from your desk to the floor.

You can look for some old plastic or gift cards and use them as an effective organizer for your cables and cords. Simply punch holes in a card using a puncher, making sure you put enough space between each hole. Insert the wire or cable in each hole then tape the card to your desk or a nearby wall so that they are always properly arranged and easy to hold or plug, if you will be using your computer or other equipment again.

Garbage bag twist ties can also make for a good recycled cable and wire holder or organizer. You can use them to keep the wires or cords together, if they are running in just one direction. These items are also great for tying up excess cord and keeping it from getting in your way.

If you have an old and unused CD spindle case, use it as your cable or wire organizer.
You can wrap or secure the extra cords that are not plugged in to anything in the spindle (the plastic piece sticking up in the middle of the case) of the CD case. The spindle will keep the cords from getting tangled and it can house many cords and wires.

Another easy and simple solution you should also consider would be to get some high quality cable holders. You can use different types of cable organizers or holders to outfit your home or office. You can invest in cable trays, wraps, ties, clips, clamps and fasteners that you can use to wrap around and organize all your messy cables and wires.

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