From Basic To Flashy – Style-ize Your Plastic Grommet To Match Your Room Design

By | October 8, 2014

10957902_MGrommets are popularly used nowadays to organize cables (which households and offices have a lot of) and they come in a variety of shapes and materials (hard plastic, flexible ones, wood, and metal). Considered the most popular grommets these days are those that are made of plastic because they’re lightweight and they offer a larger range when it comes to design.

Plastic grommets are truly useful organizational items, especially if most of your appliances and gadgets are all confined to just one area and you want to make sure that you know which cable is attached to which gadget. However, like most functional organizational items, they are not designed to be particularly stylish; sure, they come in a variety of colors and finishes, but overall, they are rather plain. If you’re the type of person who prefers a continuity of style in all the components of your workspace or home, the usual plastic grommet indeed will look out of place in your space.

But the cool thing is that if you want to improve its appearance, it’s easy enough to do so. Since it’s made of plastic, practically anything will easily adhere to it. To provide you inspiration on how to turn your plain and boring plastic grommet into a stylish one that goes really well with your space design, here are four “style-i zing” ideas.

  1. Use Washi tape. This Japanese paper tape is like small wallpaper but with more choices of attractive designs. They’re perfect for all shapes of grommets and if you wish to change them every now and then, it’s easy to do so because Washi tape does not leave any sticky residue on the surface.
  2. Use sticky rhinestones. This is such a trend among girls who like to bedazzle everything not only for a more girlish style but also to make anything really stand out. Stick some rhinestones on your floor access, flare, or innovator grommet, and the place where you stash all your cables will surely be easier to find.
  3. Personalize with letter monograms. You can use patches and just use fabric glue to attach the monogram patch. Personalizing with letter monograms will make sure that nobody will just come into your space and take your grommet.
  4. Use glitter tape. You can find these in most dollar stores – they’re fun and easy to apply. If you’re looking forward to the holidays and your plastic grommet will be taken out to help organize all the cables of your sparkly lights and other electric Christmas décor, make them blend in better using glitter tape.



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