5 Alternative Uses Of Stainless Steel Cable Glands And Their Accessories

By | November 12, 2014

Free-shippment-metal-cable-gland-waterproof-M20If you’re one of those folks with a fierce “waste not, want not” principle, then perhaps you’re always trying to come up with uses for items that you have to replace with new ones, or excesses, so their presence will not just be clutter. With a bit of resourcefulness, practically anything can find a new purpose.

For example, you have extra stainless steel cable glands or old ones that you replaced because you wanted to try a newer product for your cables. Those old or extra cable glands need not go to waste because you can recycle or up-cycle them.

Unleash your inner Martha Stewart or Mary Padian (the “Junkster” in “Storage Wars Texas”) and create new function for these solid pieces. To help you get started, provided below are five alternative uses for these stainless steel cable glands and their accessories.

  1. Knobs for drawers — With a strong adhesive like the E6000, you can attach stainless steel cable glands to the drawers so they’re easier to pull out. These alternative knobs can also provide a new look to your cabinet.
  2. Jewelry — The cable gland itself and some of its accessories, like the locknut, would serve as nice chunky pendants, rings, and earrings. Use a leather cord or lanyard, string the cable gland or locknut through, and you get a funky looking bracelet or necklace with an unusual pendant.
  3. Napkin rings — Make your table setting fancier by rolling up your table napkins and securing then with clean cable glands than you can jazz up with gemstones, string and beads. Or if you want a raw, industrial look, you won’t even need to add anything to the cable glands; just slip them through the rolled napkins and they’re set. The same principle can be used in organizing rolls of paper and fabrics.
  4. Flower arrangement accessory — Take out the sealing insert, stuff it in a narrow-mouthed vase, and creating a beautiful ikebana with groups of flowers, leaves, and ornamental stems that stay in place will be so much easier.
  5. Pedestal for trays — Elevated trays are quite popular these days for they save a lot of space yet hold a lot of things. And to make your own special trays, cable glands will prove to be helpful. With super glue, attach the cable glands of the same size and height at the bottom of a tray or plate. Let the glue dry, and then spray paint the whole thing for a completely polished look.

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