Remarkable Uses Of Plastic Hole Plugs

By | February 27, 2015

A lot of people today are looking for unconventional items to use in designing,decorating and beautifying their homes. And aside from adding style or flair, these exceptional items should have functional purposes as well.

If you are also on the lookout for unusual items that can serve as functional decors to your home, the particular products that you shouldn’t miss out on are plastic hole plugs. As the name suggests, they are plastic materials used to stopper or plug holes. They come in different sizes, colors and styles so they seamlessly combine functionality and whimsical charm.

Below are some of the many traditional and not-so-conventional uses of plastic hole plugs that homeowners will certainly appreciate:

As hole stoppers. They are aren’t called hole plugs for nothing. As such, their primary use is to stop pocket- or reasonably-sized holes. You can use them to plug small openings on wooden walls, cabinets, counters and other surfaces. With the right type of plug, you can effectively hide and decorate exposed holes, at the same time. They are easy to use as well since you simply snap the right-sized plug on to the cavity and you’re good to go.

As levelers and glides for chairs, tables and other furniture. By putting rubber plugs on the legs of different types of furniture, you can move them smoothly over flooring and protect hard floor surfaces from scratches and scrapes. They also make great leveling items for furniture pieces that are wobbly and unstable.

For sealing different types and sizes of containers.Rubber plugs can be used to seal glass containers to keep out airborne contaminants. They can also be used to plug bottles, lab vials and other vessels that you always need to keep covered.

As protective or safety coverings.Do you have exposed rods or tubing at home that have sharp edges? You can use the plugs as finishing caps. You can also place them on certain pieces of furniture or fixtures found in your home that have pointy edges so that they can provide protection against cuts and other injuries.

As mosaic tiles.Finally, if you’re into mosaics, you can consider using different colors, sizes and styles of rubber plugs for your next artwork or project. You can use new or previously used rubber stoppers to create your next mosaic project. If you choose to use new rubber plugs, prepare to invest some money for this endeavor since you will need a lot of these.

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