Top 5 Reasons Why It’s Smart To Use A Wire Protector For Your Cables

By | September 22, 2014

Cord-Protector-BLACKElectrical and phone cables can be a challenge to organize, especially if you didn’t have any foresight in designing your home and creating those special hiding places or compartments under your floors, in your ceilings and walls so that messy wiring or cables could be kept concealed. More often than not, these cables become a tangled mess on the floor that people usually trip over and get unplugged from the socket, spoiling the fun (especially if the cables belong to the entertainment center). Sometimes, messy cables or wirings attract pests, too; the little creepers nibble at the rubber covering, thus exposing the wires and making them dangerous to use.

A wire protector is a product that can easily take care of these problems. It’s affordable and it certainly will keep those wires out of the way. Listed below are the top reasons why it’s simply smart to use wire protectors in your home or office.

  1. Wire protectors will prevent accidents inside your home; nobody will trip on those snaking cables across the room that either lead to injuries or damage to furniture. You can also prevent young children from turning them into toys.
  2. They can help maintain the nice and seamless appearance of your home. Aside from the fact that cables gather dust, it’s just not pleasing to the eyes to see them even if they are neatly laid down on the floor.
  3. You can preserve the quality of your cables better if you use these wire protectors which are commonly made of hard plastic that can prevent damage caused by vibration, abrasion (foot traffic comes in contact with the wire protector, which cushions the wires effectively – even heavy equipment can land on the protector and the wires will remain free from damage) and incidental contact with other materials that produce heat.
  4. These wire protectors can also make cable management and identification easier especially if you put similar cables through the same protector. You would no longer have to go through a lengthy process of sorting your cables out and untangling them to find the one that you need to plug in.
  5. With these wire protectors, you can also prevent pest infestation in your home. Without the messy bundle of cables, there’s no room for tiny creepers to hide in. it’s important to mention as well that exterminators claim that cockroaches and other small insects, as well as rodents, are attracted to the taste of wire coverings, but if you would choose to protect your cables or wires with a hard wire protector, you can prevent these pests from entering your home and feasting on your cables.

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