What You Need To Know About Photovoltaic Energy Systems And Solar Connectors

By | September 20, 2014

asAlthough it is still not the leading or most popular choice of energy source, many families are now deciding to invest in solar panels to power their homes. Solar power systems at the moment can still be quite costly investments, but having and using them at home and even in other properties or infrastructures provides a lot of remarkable advantages.

Aside from the fact that sunlight, the main source of energy of solar power systems, is free, it is also plentiful and quite inexhaustible under any season or weather condition. In winter, each square meter of land still receives a fair amount of solar radiation. Even on a cloudy day, your solar panels can still receive and harness a good amount of sunlight. Another notable advantage of having and using this alternative type of power system is that solar energy is non-pollutant and, as such, it is a very environmentally friendly source of energy.

A solar power system is made up of different big and small parts or components. Aside from the PV panels and batteries and an inverter, different types of cables, connectors, lugs and switches are just some of its main parts.

Solar connectors are very important parts of a photovoltaic energy system. They are used to safely prevent misconnection among the other components. These connectors are especially designed to have a special locking mechanism that makes them highly suitable for the outdoor environment and they can only be separated by a special disconnection or unlocking tool.

When it comes to buying a new solar connector for building a solar panel or to replace an old one, you need to take note of the following:

  • Never interconnect or “cross-mate” connectors manufactured by different companies. This is never a recommended practice and it is one that is unsafe since joining connectors made from different manufacturers can cause burnt connections, arcing failures and structural fire.
  • Choose a connector that passes all NEC requirements.
  • Select a connector that is made of polycarbonate material for better impact and chemical resistance.
  • Every solar connector requires a cable coupler.
  • Only a specially designed disconnection and tightening tool can connect, adjust and disconnect the connectors.
  • Crimping the cable coupler is one of the most important parts and tasks of connecting the modules in a solar PV system. If this task is not done properly, resistance would significantly reduce the efficiency.

Solar power systems are valuable investments since they can really give your property years and years of free energy. But to protect your investment, you need to have some basic knowledge of the photovoltaic energy system and its vital parts and components.

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