Important ConsiderationsTo Bear In Mind When Buying Electrical Conduit Connectors Online

By | February 28, 2015

Electrical conduits pertain to electrical systems that are used to protect and provide routes to electrical wiring’s. These conduits are usually made of metal, plastic, or fiber. They could either be rigid or flexible.

Electrical conduits come in different types, and the most popular ones are:

PVC conduits. PVC conduits are mostly chosen for outdoor use. They are the lightest conduit material and are the least expensive as well. They vary in width, depending on the uses and where the PVC will be installed. PVC conduits can resist both moisture and corrosion but the tubing itself is non-conductive,so an extra grounding conductor is usually passed into each conduit.

Metal conduits. Metal conduits can either come in flexible or rigid form. A flexible metal conduit is highly suitable for areas that have tight bends and close quarters which would make it hard to bend a regular conduit. A rigid metal conduit, on the other hand, is the thickest and heaviest type of all. It is usually used to run wires under driveways, service feeder installations, and in areas with more extreme or harsh conditions.

Electrical metallic tubing or EMT conduits. An EMT is a rigid electrical conduit. It is usually made of steel or aluminum. EMT conduits are popularly used materials in commercial, industrial and residential buildings since they can be bent to the required radius and directions.

Galvanized rigid conduits. Conduits made of galvanized steel tubing are usually known as rigid conduits. They are thick types of conduits that protect the electrical wiring from being hit. A galvanized conduit’s width also allows it to be threaded easily. Galvanized rigid conduits are commonly used in most commercial and industrial applications.

Installing Conduits

Installing a conduit system would require the use of various connectors. The conduit connectors allow you to join conduit “sticks” together for a long straight run. They also connect site-fabricated bends to conduits.

If you will be purchasing conduit connectors from an online shop for the first time, there are certain important considerations you need to keep in mind to make sure that you will be getting the best value for your purchase. These important considerations include:

  • The different types of connectors the supplier offers. Different types of conduits require various types of connectors as well. To avoid the hassle of looking for and ordering from another shop for just one or two types of connectors, make sure you choose an online store that has a wide range of products to choose from.
  • The online shop’s delivery time. You need to know how many days it would take for you to get your order.
  • Custom solutions. Lastly, find out if the supplier can provide you customized conduit connectors that would be suitable for a special project that you have for your home or for other clients.

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