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How To Install Plastic Rivets

Conventional rivets are typically used to secure wooden or metal materials together, although they are also used in a variety of applications ranging from clothes and bags to plastics and even sculpture and other types of artworks. Metal rivets look like two-headed nails. Rivets are often used as an alternative to welding, especially when fastening […]

What Is A Rubber Bushing?

A rubber bushing, sometimes simply called a bushing, is a kind of vibration isolator. Its main purpose is to serve as an interface between two parts, acting as a buffer and absorbing some of the energy produced by the interaction of two parts. It separates two parts while allowing a limited amount of movement, thus […]

From Basic To Flashy – Style-ize Your Plastic Grommet To Match Your Room Design

Grommets are popularly used nowadays to organize cables (which households and offices have a lot of) and they come in a variety of shapes and materials (hard plastic, flexible ones, wood, and metal). Considered the most popular grommets these days are those that are made of plastic because they’re lightweight and they offer a larger […]

What Are Plastic Rivets And Why Do We Need Them?

It is probably not a word you’re likely to hear in, well, everyday conversations. But it is in just about anything we use: the plastic rivet fastener.   Plastic rivet fasteners have several applications. These small, seemingly unimportant items can be used in computers, appliances, furniture, electronics, construction, kid’s toys, business machines, and even recreational […]

Top 5 Reasons Why It’s Smart To Use A Wire Protector For Your Cables

Electrical and phone cables can be a challenge to organize, especially if you didn’t have any foresight in designing your home and creating those special hiding places or compartments under your floors, in your ceilings and walls so that messy wiring or cables could be kept concealed. More often than not, these cables become a […]

What You Need To Know About Photovoltaic Energy Systems And Solar Connectors

Although it is still not the leading or most popular choice of energy source, many families are now deciding to invest in solar panels to power their homes. Solar power systems at the moment can still be quite costly investments, but having and using them at home and even in other properties or infrastructures provides […]

The Advantages Of Using A Rubber Grommet

You always see them as the holes on your shower curtains and even on your rubber shoes. They are usually called eyelets but they are also known by another name: grommets. Grommets have a lot of important uses. And there can be no denying the fact that they serve a lot of important purposes. In […]